history of the julian union school district

Julian School, founded in 1870, became Julian Union School District in 1921, consolidating with Oberlin School, founded 1894 (corner of Farmers and Wynola Roads), and Orinoco School, founded 1890 (Pine Hills area). Other local one room schools that later joined the Julian Union Elementary School were Banner (in 1941), Cuyamaca (became part of Banner in 1921), Mesa Grande (1955), Anahuac, from the Boulder Creek area (in 1947), Santa Ysabel (Witchcreek, 1955), and Bloomdale from east of Mesa Grande (because part of Mesa Grande School in 1921).

The first schools in Julian were opened in 1870 to serve the families of the miners and farmers. The first school was located on a hill to the north of Main Street in Julian. It was a one-room building 25 feet wide and 40 feet long.

The plain boards used to build the school probably came from a sawmill in the Pine Hills area. The green boards warped and the knots fell out. When the wind blew, it went right through the building. The boys and girls sat on wooden benches made from local timber.

Mrs. Sue E. Storms, the first teacher, taught 65 students in the Julian School. The course of study was reading, writing and arithmetic.